Gaining Insight Into the Future of Digital Data

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With nearly 40 years in data storage, Spectra Logic has an established reputation as experts in deep storage. We provide both robotics for storage media and front-end interfaces to access data stored on conventional disk, Shingled Media Recording (SMR) disk, helium-enhanced disk, and tape. Understanding future costs, technologies, and applications is vital to today’s planning. As both a manufacturer and integrator, Spectra Logic pays close attention to trends in data storage performance, cost, and availability.

Spectra Logic gained a great deal of insight into the long-term requirements of our customers by looking at the size of the digital universe, growth projections, and a potential storage gap.  We are excited to publish this data in the first edition of an annual overview of trends and predictions in storage media development and availability. The new white paper, Spectra Logic 2016 Digital Data Storage Outlook, covers how storage appropriation and tiering play a key role and delivers a set of conclusions and predictions for our digital universe.

We welcome comments and considerations for future releases of our report. Download the report here.

Betsy Doughty
Senior Director, Marketing

Spectra Logic

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