Introducing 2U Verde DP

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By: Ray Heineman

Spectra Logic recently announced a new addition to its Verde product line – 2U Verde DP.

Back in August 2015, Spectra launched its Verde DPE 4U, offering capacity in 200TB increments for as low as $0.09/GB. Soon after however, we decided to develop a 2U version as well for our customers that wanted to start smaller. At 96TB of raw capacity and a list price of $14,000 USD, 2U Verde DP provides users with flexible system connectivity, double or triple parity data integrity, and enterprise class system management.

Verde DP

Verde DP 2U is the entry level version of Spectra Verde DPE 4U, a first to market Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR), network attached storage (NAS) platform based on the building blocks of our Verde NAS product. Spectra’s Verde DP products utilize 8TB shingled magnetic recording hard disk drives, which delivers the industry’s best value proposition for cost and long term retention.

Verde DP is ideal for user applications looking to archive, back-up, and/or bulk transfer large amounts of data, and will compliment system environments with high performance network through-put, using its 10GbE system interface.

Highlighted specifications include:

  • 2U chassis, includes rack mount kit
  • 12 disk drives @ 8TB each equals 96TB capacity
  • User RAID options include double or triple parity
  • Supports CIFS or NFS file systems
  • Passive front bezel, easily removed for disk drive access
  • Includes two 10GbE copper Ethernet ports: management and data

Interested in test driving the hottest new technology on the market today? Contact your Spectra rep for a risk-free, 30 day trial of Verde DP. For more information about Spectra Logic’s Verde DPE product family, click here.