Introducing: ArcticBlue Deep Storage Disk – A Breakthrough in Nearline Storage

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By: David Feller

Spectra Logic recently announced an entirely new product line and we are speeding towards the release of this exciting new offering – ArcticBlue Deep Storage Disk. This is something truly new that bridges the gap between disk performance and tape cost and longevity.


Spectra has been in the digital tape business for more than 36 years. We have refined both large and small libraries and led the industry in low cost, reliable, deep storage of data with literally tens of thousands of tape drives under support and a rapidly growing customer base in every major market segment. A few years ago we announced our entry into the disk world with Spectra Verde. Back in August, Spectra launched Verde DPE, a NAS-based product that brings costs as low as $.09/GB to bulk storage file based applications using a new Shingled Magnetic Recording technology.

In 2013, Spectra launched its BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway, with a specific focus on making tape easy. Customers have jumped on BlackPearl as a great way to abstract all the complications of tape libraries and using the simple S3 interface to move data in and out of what used to be a complicated world of tape.

ArcticBlue is the culmination of all these seemingly disparate developments into a single new storage architecture. It uses the same SMR drives we perfected with Verde DPE, is directly driven and controlled by the same storage controller in BlackPearl, and with a brand new Advanced Bucket Management (ABM) system simultaneously launching in BlackPearl, completely automates the entire Deep Storage ecosystem. Combining all of this with a unique drive power down feature and data management capabilities, ArcticBlue extends the life of fast access nearline storage well beyond the expectations of data center owners, and lowers the total cost of ownership even further than the $.10/GB initial cost.

Stay tuned for ArcticBlue customer case studies and total cost benefits in the near future, as the market catches on to just how revolutionary this new product truly is.