Public Clouds Beware: Spectra Logic Announces the Arrival of LTO-7

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The long anticipated release of LTO-7 has finally arrived! Built to be bigger, stronger, faster… but without the six million dollar price tag, if you recall Lee Majors’ bionic man in the 1970’s television series, The Six Million Dollar Man. LTO-7 tape technology is well ahead of its LTO predecessors and delivers a compelling total cost of ownership (TCO) story.


Packing 15* TB of compressed capacity onto every tape and driving a compressed data rate up to 750* MB/s, it’s easy to see how LTO-7 may be today’s equivalent of a bionic tape drive. With more than two times the capacity and nearly twice the speed of LTO-6, the newest drive technology is designed to subdue the enormous data growth trajectories currently facing storage administrators.

The LTO Consortium announced in March 2015 that LTO-6 tape media had broken the penny per gigabyte barrier by dipping down to 0.8 cents per gigabyte. More than doubling the capacity of LTO-7 media should easily drop the cost per gigabyte curve further. Public cloud storage, look out!LTO-7’s open format and ease-of-use with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) further solidify the newest tape technology as a force majeure within the storage industry.

The only thing that can make LTO-7 technology more dominant as a long lasting, high density, fast acting storage medium is to put it into the world’s largest tape libraries, with the highest capacity per square foot , such as Spectra Logic’s TFinity or T950. The combination of LTO-7 and Spectra TSeries libraries results in the best storage density per dollar available.

To learn more about the advantages LTO-7 technology and Spectra libraries can deliver in your data center, contact Spectra Logic directly or visit with your local Spectra Logic sales representative.

*2.5:1 compression ratio.