Spectra Logic’s All-Star Support Just Keeps Getting Better

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Over the past five years, Spectra Logic’s support team has made significant enhancements to its infrastructure and service capabilities, to more effectively address the needs of the company’s growing customer base.

New Customer Support Portal

We introduced a new customer portal to simplify interaction with our support delivery organization, which is accessible through our corporate website. The portal delivers an extensive collection of informative articles, training modules and videos that allow our customers to become more familiar with Spectra’s technology, simplifying their day-by-day interaction with our products. The portal also makes it easy to perform tasks like upgrading firmware, logging support incidents, creating license keys and checking on the status of inventory and contract expiration dates.Support Portal

Improved Customer Relations Team

Spectra Support added to its portfolio of resources a specialized escalation team, dedicated to closely monitoring the resolution path of critical support incidents. By assigning specific account managers to focus on individual customers and their unique environments and processes, we are better able to select the best resolution approach available in the rare event of a product issue.

Fly-and-Fix Program Expands

Spectra’s “fly-and-fix” program is a system that was originally designed to provide our customers with fast onsite technical support, in the event of a product issue that required immediate intervention. Spectra Logic understands the impact that lack of data-access may have on a business, and collaborates with end-users to offer a fast (fly) and effective (fix) onsite presence in situations when the complexity of a technical problem may require an engineering level resource.

The expansion of our fly-and-fix program has allowed us to better allocate the necessary resources required at customer sites, during the event of a hardware malfunction that may require a higher level of expertise. We strive to be very accommodating with requests for Spectra personnel at customer sites, to assure that our customers may take full advantage of our technology from a performance, uptime and system integration perspective.

Support Extends Internationally

With presence in more than 60 countries, Spectra Logic chose to deploy call centers in a number of different global regions to better assist customers requiring local language support. With support front-line presence in Germany, Mexico, South Korea and UK, Spectra was able to expand and re-apply its corporate support model to several regions, addressing not only different time zones, but also the need for local call center operations.

Similarly, the worldwide expansion of Spectra deployed products has also created the need for global field services and worldwide depot locations for parts. With support from a few key partners, Spectra is now able to offer aggressive, regional SLAs, including 24x7x4 onsite coverage in most international locations. Inventory control and forecast based on common hardware failures provides the ability to consistently offer a quick resolution in any scenario requiring a replacement part.

 Updated Training Program

Finally, over the past few years, we have developed an extensive training curriculum and can now easily provide face-to-face customer trainings at our locations in the US (Boulder, CO), the UK, and Germany. Our training portfolio includes a week of basic training on hardware break-fix and a week of advanced training on product maintenance and troubleshooting. The training enables customers that wants to increase familiarity with our products to become more accustomed with the best practices to manage their data storage operations effectively and with minimum operational downtime.

Spectra Logic Support’s primary goal is to maintain a customer base of highly satisfied individuals, who value our products and services. We refuse to compromise when it comes to delivering fast response and a wide portfolio of customized services and training opportunities.

For additional information about Spectra Support, visit https://support.spectralogic.com/ or contact us at 1.800.227.4637.

Roberto Bigliani joined Spectra Logic in 2011 and currently serves as the company’s vice president of worldwide service operations. His primary objectives are executing new services strategies and creating new support offerings to keep pace with changing customer needs.