Introducing, Spectra Verde DPE – Digital Preservation for Enterprise

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Earlier this week, Spectra Logic unveiled an exciting new product, Verde DPE. Verde DPE is a first to market Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) based network attached storage (NAS) disk platform based on the building blocks of our very successful Verde NAS product. This product is not only a breakthrough in digital preservation for enterprise, but also a revolution in price for Bulk NAS storage.


What is Shingled Magnetic Recording?

Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) is a new disk technology that increases drive storage capacity. Spectra Logic Verde DPE leverages SMR technology to allow each written disk drive track to overlap the previous track in the same way that shingles on a roof are laid increasing storage density by an average 25%. Coupled with Spectra’s implementation of ZFS software RAID, this technology brings new life to long term storage for enterprise, as low as 9₵ per gigabyte.

Product Highlights

Verde DPE is a purpose-built product for bulk storage and archiving. It is best suited for unstructured data, large files, random reads, bulk deletes and infrequent changes. Customers using it for general IT shared drive, large bulk archive of research data as well as video surveillance, oil and gas exploration, and media archive are finding that at this price point they can keep more data for a longer time.

Verde DPE provides unmatched data integrity that reduces the probability of data loss to one in two million years using a combination of RAID Z3, continuous data integrity verification, and automatic rebuild to global spares when problems arise. It allows users to mirror data to a second location, providing disaster recovery and remote replication. Verde DPE provides the highest capacity disk system available today – over 7.4PB per rack (180TB per rack unit). In addition, it allows for maximum power efficiency, with a single unit consuming less power than a standard hair dyer, 750 Watts.

In all Verde DPE is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to expand. At an astonishing 9 cents per gigabyte, we’re extremely excited about this new product and how our customers integrate Verde DPE into their digital preservation strategy.

David Feller is Spectra Logic’s Vice President of Product Management and Solutions Engineering and comes with over 20 years of marketing experience. David’s history includes service as product line director at Harris where his division invented WiFi in the early 90’s, VP of marketing at Cornice, a Colorado hard drive manufacturer, CMO of BOCS, an A/V home distribution manufacturer, and Director product management at Silicon Image/HDMI developing leading edge video products. With both Fortune 100 experience managing P/L for a $400M product line and ground up startup experience, David is tasked with owning and driving the birth to death process for all our products and integrating that with the rest of the divisions within Spectra.