Spectra Logic Fitness Challenge

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By: Betsy Doughty

For a third year, Spectra Logic employees participated in the Spectra Logic Fitness Challenge. The Fitness Challenge, a collaboration with local Personal Trainer Judd NeSmith, aims to encourage healthy living in and outside of the office. The challenge measures associate’s fitness levels in a seven-part test curated by Judd that focuses on agility, stamina, and strength.

Spectra employees took the first test in the Challenge last week, with a total of 44 individuals participating. Individuals began with a Body Mass Index (BMI) reading using a professional scale, their waist circumferences measured, and then alternated between squat and push-up exercises. After seeing how many squats and push-ups they could do within a minute, participants tested their stamina by holding a side plank pose. When the group finished, they gathered for the T-Test, where individuals would take turns running in a ‘T’ shape as fast as they could. The final part of the test was a one-mile walk or run course set up around Spectra’s campus.

The second half of the Challenge will take place in September, where participants will retake the test with the goal of improving their previous scores. Between now and September, participants are encouraged to attend Judd’s Bootcamp Classes that take place every weekday in the newly built Spectra Group Gym. Fitness and yoga classes are also available, and are free to Spectra employees year-round.