Federal IT Employees Cite Costs and Consolidation as Top Dilemmas at GEOINT 2015

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By: Glenn Saxman

Another profitable fiscal year is coming to a close for Spectra Logic this week. This year, our federal team continued to excel by adding many new installations across DoD, Civilian, and IC agencies.  In addition to our industry-best digital tape solutions, we’ve continued to expand our NAS business and have placed the first handful of our BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateways out in the field.


Customer Dilemma

 At this year’s GEOINT Symposium (June 22-25) in Washington, D.C., several Federal agencies looking to manage explosive data growth mentioned similar constraints that they were facing when it came to selecting a viable storage solution, such as:

  • Strict mandates
  • Shrinking IT budgets
  • Consolidation
  • Large upfront investments
  • Expensive middleware licensing
  • Strangling OPEX

These restrictions make it difficult for federal IT departments to find a solution that satisfies all of their organization’s needs. However, this could soon be an issue of the past!

Spectra Solution

Both BlackPearl and Spectra Logic’s nTier Verde (NAS) are platforms for future development that are designed to provide the most reliable, power efficient, and affordable storage available for large data sets. Organizations dealing with the issues I mentioned above will benefit from Spectra’s solutions, as they are intended for simple data management, low cost Deep Storage, and near limitless scalability.

Data archiving with properly tiered storage offers the safest and least expensive solution.  With Spectra’s recent introduction of TS1150 enterprise tape drives into three of our libraries, we are now capable of scaling even larger, reaching an astounding 400 PB of raw data in our TFinity.  For those looking to purchase a smaller library, our T380 is a unique unit that can store 2.6 PB in about ½ rack. Both options offer incredible density at a very low price point.

Federal Graph

The best data integrity for pennies per GB is our continual mission. The unfortunate reality of data collection is that you never know which data is valuable until it is needed.  Spectra Logic delivers the ability to keep all data. A non-proprietary, encrypted format designed for portability eases many of your current challenges whether on premise, distributed, or private cloud is required.

Coming up… 

Spectra Logic is looking forward to attending several different Federal shows across the nation in the coming year. We are eager to connect with other industry professionals from around the world, examine the current state of the Federal market, and discuss Spectra’s solutions. For more information about Spectra Logic Federal, click here.