EMC World 2015

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By: Mike Sausa

For the fourth year in a row, Spectra Logic had a booth at the annual EMC World conference. EMC World brings together thousands of the corporation’s employees, customers and partners, from all over the world. Walking the show floor one hears a different language being spoken nearly every ten feet.

EMC announced some interesting updates to their products at the conference. One of the most notable was the potential open sourcing of their software defined storage product, ViPR. Like Spectra, EMC sees use cases for multiple tiers of storage including Flash, HDD, and Object (both HDD and Cloud). Open sourcing ViPR should allow others to add additional types of storage including tape.

Spectra’s booth experienced a high volume of traffic at EMC World, with many of our visitors expressing interest in our BlackPearl product. This year we heard less about backup and DR and more and more from customers needing to store exploding amounts of data for long periods of time (or even forever). The capabilities of BlackPearl and a private cloud tier of storage with the cost effective economics of tape was definitely appealing to them.

Spectra had the opportunity to speak at the EMC Technology Connect booth as one of the leading partners in the Tech Connect program. Kim Francis lead a discussion, where she walked the audience through an explanation of how a private cloud based on tape storage can be a viable, and often far less expensive option for archiving than the public cloud options.

Once again, the event was very successful for both Spectra and I’m sure EMC. We look forward to returning again next year!