Spectra’s Future is Looking Bright while Celebrating “Bring Your Child to Work Day”

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By: Betsy Doughty

One of the most enjoyable and exciting days at Spectra grew to be even bigger and better this year! Our celebration of “Bring Your Child to Work Day” hosted nearly 100 children, ranging from ages 2 to 17 years old. The kids enjoyed a tour of the campus, a safety demonstration from our local firemen and police officers, and a “trade show” where different departments set up booths to demonstrate what they do. The older kids were provided the opportunity to participate in group mentoring sessions, where they were able to acquire a more in depth knowledge for specific areas of Spectra’s business. Some of the departments that hosted mentoring sessions included marketing, software development, and finance.

Some of the highlights from the day included….


Spectra’s kids touring our headquarters to get an idea of where their parents head off to for work each day.


Spectra’s older kids learning about graphic design in one of the many mentoring classes. The kids were asked to design a candy bar label and film a commercial. You can take a look at their creative ideas here.


One of the candy bar labels designed by a group of boys in the graphic design mentoring class.


Spectra’s kids during the safety demonstration. They were very excited to climb on the fire truck and get inside of the police car.


This little girl was intent on finding the perfect “giveaway” from one of the many booths at Spectra’s Kids to Work Day trade show.


Manufacturing’s booth showed the kids what a tape cartridge looked like. They had a great time learning about LTO media!


Spectra hosted a contest for the kids to design a new company logo, and here is the winner! The logo will be featured in 2015’s Bring Your Child to Work Day collateral, and on next year’s t-shirts!


During the last part of the day, Spectra set up a photo booth for the kids to take pictures in with some fun dress-up props! They had a blast!

Take Your Child to Work Day is put on by Summit, Spectra’s Women’s Group, who enjoyed the cotton candy machine as much as the kids. We look forward to hosting again next year!