Spectra Logic Announces Integrations with Leading Technology Partners at National Association of Broadcasters 2015

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Partners Integrate Spectra BlackPearl Clients Adding Private Cloud to the Media and Entertainment Workflow

Las Vegas, NV.—April 13, 2015—Spectra Logic, today announced the first of its BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Gateway client integrations in the media and entertainment industry. This development, which is changing the way media storage is used, allows MAMs, editing suites, and media handlers direct access to deep storage, streamlines the entire Media and Entertainment (M&E) workflow, and ultimately provides the “story teller” better access to all of their content using a cloud-like interface.

Designed specifically to give deep storage a cloud interface, Spectra’s BlackPearl enables users to archive critical assets on affordable, scalable tape libraries. BlackPearl enabled applications have direct access to archives using standard cloud APIs, allowing large objects to be securely stored and retrieved quickly and easily. Using LTFS, media content that is stored as intelligent, self-describing objects can be retrieved anytime in the future independent of the original application that wrote them.

“In M&E it’s all about the media; there’s more of it and it’s more valuable than ever, however having it all directly accessible has been costly and difficult to manage. Spectra and its partners are applying both object storage and a cloud-like approach to provide the simplicity and elasticity of the cloud, on premise or at remote locations,” said Spectra Logic’s Chief Technology Officer Matt Starr. “This is the only approach that keeps costs in check while still protecting your assets in an environment dealing with exponential data growth.”

Currently available BlackPearl Clients include:

  • Avid | Interplay Archive: Interplay solutions include a set of media production and asset management technologies that enable you to access and create media, automate your ingest, production, and distribution processes, and even link with business functions such as planning, traffic, analytics, and rights management.
  • Cambridge Imaging Systems, Imagen: Trusted by the world’s leading brands to manage and monetize their media. Simple, scalable and secure, Imagen makes the most of your media assets – preserving your content for the long term and enabling controlled access through a customizable website.
  • Empress, eMAM: A powerful media asset management platform that provides an online proxy library of digital content with rich collaboration tools while managing native resolution content in storage and archive native resolution content in storage and archive on premise or in the cloud.

Additional partners with clients currently in development include:

  • Archimedia: Atlas
  • FilmPartners: MXFserver
  • Levels Beyond: Reach Engine
  • Marquis: Project Parking
  • QLS Distribution (CatDV): FocalPoint Server
  • Tiger Technology: Tiger Series
  • TMD: Mediaflex
  • Vidispine: Vidispine Enterprise MAM
  • Vizrt: VizOne

Spectra Logic’s additional offerings:

  • DS3 Browser tool: Spectra Logic also released its own Windows/Mac deep storage browser. This simple tool is intuitive and allows file level or directory level drag and drop between the local file system and the object based deep storage behind BlackPearl. The client is available in Spectra Logic’s Developer Program and open source community.
  • Network File Interface (NFI): Spectra Logic also released a client for its nTier Verde NAS product; this provides automated data movement from Verde disk to tape through BlackPearl.

“Spectra Logic continues to provide technological advancements to BlackPearl through our partnerships as well as internal development,” concluded Starr. “We will have many more partnerships, and will include additional features and product capabilities that we look forward to announcing throughout the year.”

Visit Spectra Logic at NAB 2015 booth SL11816 for daily BlackPearl demos and to learn more about our Developer Community and see live demonstrations of multiple D3 clients.

For more information about Spectra Logic’s BlackPearlTMTM Deep Storage Gateway solution, click here.

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