Introducing the new Spectra Logic Website

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By: Betsy Doughty

Spectra Logic is very excited to announce the debut of our NEW corporate website! It has been a long time in the making, and we are very proud of the modern look and feel we have created. The website has undergone a complete renovation and incorporates a lot of cool new features including:

  • Interactive 3D Product Animations
  • Improved Mobile Functionality – so it will look great on all of your devices!
  • Better Resource Navigation – we’ve made everything easier to find via layout & search
  • Social Media Page – Includes real time updates to all Spectra social media platforms
  • Customer Case Studies – the page is now more visual and interactive
  • Tech Talks & Webinars – you can now search videos

We hope you’ll take the time to stop by and visit the new

  • slide 1
    McDonald’s Access Campaign
  • slide 2
    NCSA Blue Waters Access Campaign
  • slide 3
    Case Studies
  • slide 1
    Corporate Milestones
  • slide 2
    Social Media Page
  • slide 3
    Tech Talk Videos
  • slide 3
    Interactive Product Pages


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