LTO-7 Pre-Purchase Program

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By: Deb Saret

The next generation of LTO technology is nearly here! On March 1st, Spectra Logic announced the availability of its LTO-7 pre-purchase program. By using Spectra’s LTO-7 pre-purchase program you will be able to take advantage of today’s best LTO technology then easily exchange those LTO-6 tape drives for next generation LTO-7 technology drives as soon as they begin shipping.

LTO-7 offers several technology improvements, including:

  • Data Rate: 300 to 315 MB/sec uncompressed
  • Capacity: 6 to 6.4 TB uncompressed
  • Head actuator: 32 channel

LTO-7’s enhanced data rate provides a performance increase of up to 97%, when compared to LTO-6. This performance boost translates into the need for less tape drives to do the same amount of work, and a reduction in the cost of your annual service contract.

The additional capacity offered by LTO-7, which is up to 156% greater than LTO-6, which means that fewer tapes are required to store the same amount of data. This smaller tape count results in a reduction in both the number of library slots needed and the cost for offsite storage.

In comparison to LTO-6, LTO-7 tape drive technology increases the tape head channel count from 16 to 32, respectively. This increase in the number of channels provides a much higher data rate, a time reduction of approximately 50% to read or write a full tape, and a longer lasting tape drive due to reduced head wear. In other words LTO-7 translates into higher reliability and real dollars saving for you.

To take advantage of this valuable opportunity you must contact your Spectra sales representative, who will provide you with a price quote to purchase your LTO-7 tape drives. While awaiting the availability of LTO-7, you will be able to utilize the most recent tape drive technology, LTO-6, benefiting from its performance and capacity. LTO-7 is targeted to be available in the 4Q of 2015.

LTO_8GenChart_2012_finalSpectra Logic Estimated LTO Roadmap based upon best available market information.

Would you like to learn more about Spectra Logic’s LTO-7 Pre-Purchase Program? Attend one of our webinars this Thursday, March 12th, at 9:00 AM or 7:00 PM MST.