The Environment and Use for Deep Storage: Part I

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At Spectra Logic we’ve been coined the “Deep Storage Experts,” and I think our most recent introduction solidifies that position.  In 2013, Spectra introduced a “first of its kind” product into the data storage market that is changing the way organizations manage extreme data growth and long-term data retention. This product is known as the BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Gateway.  Its functionality provides an innovative new approach that enables the use of Web interfaces, like Amazon’s S3, combined with object storage to send large amounts of data to multiple storage domains including both disk and tape.

S3 is becoming the de facto standard for cloud based data movement.  However, it has always lacked the ability to work with non-disk media, including removable media like tape.  We’ve extended a few simple commands in the S3 command set that not only allow it to work with tape, but also make the complexities of working with non-disk media completely transparent to users and integrators. We call the new interface, “DS3” for Deep Simple Storage Service.  One huge benefit of DS3 over original S3 is that DS3 facilitates bulk data transfers of one to many objects in a single command.

Many users see the benefits of the public cloud, but are wary of its downside… lack of control, access problems, security and exponential growing costs over time. Working with BlackPearl, and its DS3 interface, allows users to create their own private cloud using disk, tape or a combination of the two, without the downfalls of a public cloud. It’s a streamlined approach to cloud, content, archive and object storage for pennies per GB.

For more information about Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway visit Stay tuned for the second half of “The Environment and Use for Deep Storage,” coming to the Spectra Logic corporate blog page soon!