The Older You Get, the More Nostalgic Birthdays Become

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 A 35th birthday is a significant moment in an individual’s life, and even more so in the life of a corporation. As I look back over the past 35 years, Spectra Logic has certainly seen many technologies come and go. However, both innovation and a focus on our customers have kept us not only relevant, but viewed as a technology leader in the storage market.

Although a 35th birthday might make a person feel old… age is not as much an accumulation of years, as it is a reflection of what you’ve done with those years. The constant development and modernization of our products has continuously kept us young. Disk technology is more than 50 years old, tape has turned 60, yet at Spectra we continue to find new and innovative ways of using these mediums to keep them relevant as well. In our 35th year we’ve introduced disk based file storage for half the cost of traditional file storage, we’ve taken tape in to the cloud, and we’ve introduced a new way to deal with exponential data growth through deep storage. 

Today, Spectra Logic is home to over 400 of the most hard-working, dedicated associates the industry has to offer. We are represented in 72 different countries all over the world, with offices located in the US, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We have remained a privately held company since our beginning, which has allowed our employees to develop a greater sense of ownership and inspired them to make their best contributions throughout the years. Among many things, the majority of this company’s success can be attributed to our culture. Spectra employees are dedicated to our customers, our technology, our mission and each other.

If I only have one birthday wish, I would wish for another 35 years of continued growth for Spectra Logic. Throughout this final week of October, we are celebrating yet another record setting fiscal quarter here at Spectra Logic.  I am truly grateful for all of our associates and the continued effort they’ve contributed towards the success of this company.

Happy Birthday Spectra!