On The Road Again: nTier Verde Road Show

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I spent the past few months traveling across the country to introduce Spectra Logic’s newest nTier Verde disk-based file storage system to the marketplace. The nTier Verde was created to provide simply affordable file storage for long-term backup and archiving needs and is available in two models, Verde 2U and Verde 4U, ranging in sizes from 24TB up to 1.7 PB of raw storage.

The purpose of the road show was to give our existing and future customers, as well as key VARS, VS integrators and partners, a first-hand look at the system and help them better understand the simplicity, value and experience of the nTier Verde.  Many were impressed with the product’s ease of use and liked that we have disk and tape to offer as an integrated backup and archiving solution.

The road show was a success, and here’s a snapshot of the stats:

  • 3 months
  • 23 cities
  • Hundreds of attendees and new Verde registrations
  • 13,852 miles and 0 accidents or tickets

I met some great people and was able to effectively demonstrate the value of nTier Verde first-hand in numerous locations. In addition to the business part of my trip, I have a few other observations and words of wisdom for anyone else planning a cross country road trip:

  • Peacocks roam free along the interstates in Florida.  Seriously, I saw a peacock spreading her feathers 10 feet from the edge of the freeway!
  • Snowstorms are for real in April in DC!
  • Phoenix has a really good tattoo artist.
  • It’s a long way across Texas no matter which direction you take!
  • The nTier Verde is as “rock solid” as we message it.  It can sustain a lot of abuse….I will not elaborate here, but trust me: it can take a licking and keep on ticking. 

For a real-world example of the new nTier Verde in action, check out this case study of Tandy Supercomputing Center who is using it to ease the load on their primary storage systems.