EMC World 2014: A Sure Bet for Spectra Logic

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Last week, we attended our third EMC World in Las Vegas since becoming an EMC Select (Technology Connect) partner in the beginning of 2012. In comparison to past events, this year’s EMC World proved to be our best to date by yielding higher quality, deeper and more candid conversations with storage decision makers, better attendance at our presentations in the EMC Technology Connect booth, and an award that might surprise you.

EMC World kicked off with an extremely good vibe for Spectra Logic as we joined other EMC Technology Connect partners in the Technology Connect booth for their award ceremony on Monday night. It was an extremely proud moment for Spectra Logic when, out of 46 Select Business Partners, we were asked to come up and receive the first award of the night, “EMC Technology Connect Select Partner of the Year!”

As the week progressed, I had two opportunities to present in the Technology Connect booth on “Tiered Storage in the Data Center.” These presentations were even more well attended than the presentations I gave in their booth last year and they teed-up some great dialogue with the attendees afterwards.

Spectra Logic presenting at EMC World 2014

In comparison to the last two years of attending EMC World, more and more booth visitors were already familiar with Spectra Logic. This year, as the quality of our booth conversations improved, we were able engage in much deeper discussions about the storage needs of the attendees and how tape fits into today’s data center infrastructures.

All in all, it was a good week for Spectra Logic. Even if you gambled at the casino tables and lost, it would be hard not to leave Las Vegas feeling like a winner when you are recognized as “Partner of the Year” by a storage powerhouse like EMC!