Professional Services Blog: Saving precious memories through long term archiving

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As the proud new owner of a pair of 7-week old male Boxer puppies (or “Boxer Daddy” as a friend of mine amusingly called me), I have begun to understand the importance of safeguarding those precious early moments captured digitally for posterity. Watching them play daily, grow up and mature are the memories I most definitely want to keep. This is in many ways no different than Spectra’s customers in business, healthcare, scientific research or broadcast & media, where transactions, patient records, research data, TV & film content, or indeed entire national archives need to be kept safely for the very long term.

In my travels during the last five years with Spectra, I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing customer sites, each of which have pressing needs to preserve and archive long-term data. From cutting edge research facilities looking for illusive particles, to TV, Sports and News companies, and sites archiving a whole country’s TV, history & culture, often the data they wish to preserve is precious, irreplaceable or simply would cost too much to reproduce. In academic research, which is often enabled by grants, the funding bodies now require that expensive research data be retained indefinitely.

This is where tape is very important.

Each of these customers has chosen Spectra to safeguard and protect their most precious asset—long-term data or content.

Just like me with my puppies, that’s a lot of responsibility—and one that we at Spectra take very seriously. Our tape solutions offer DIV (Digital Integrity Verification),  Media Lifecycle Management (MLM), Drive Lifecycle Management (DLM) and together with Spectra Certified Media we do everything we can to protect customers long-term archive data and content.

At any time we can simply run a report and immediately know the full health of our archive giving much needed piece of mind to the archivists. Our nTier Verde disk solution similarly offers triple parity, higher quality disks and a file system designed to prevent even the slightest bit-rot. Used together with archiving software, Spectra has the solutions to help these customers preserve data for the long-term.

Many of us store our precious life-time memories and photos in the cloud, and here again behind the scenes a lot of the largest cloud providers are using tape. Tape offers the lowest cost/GB for long-term reliable storage and fast recovery should disaster strike.

For me, knowing that I’ve helped preserve scientific and memorable content is a bonus, and getting to see where the research is done, be it particle colliders and anti-matter generators in Switzerland, live and whacky news feeds in TV news stations, bio-genomic research centres sequencing the human genome, movie special effects guys creating stunning effects for the next big summer block-buster, all of them have been exciting places from which I have great memories that I too wish to preserve.

On that note, back to photoing my boys Tobie and Reggie as they rapidly grow up.  Here’s a picture or two.

boxer puppies boxer puppies


Note: In a future article, we’ll cover some of the extraordinary lengths Spectra goes to whilst installing new archiving solutions.