The New Year is already off to a great start here at Spectra Logic with three recent wins.

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Spectra's nTier Verde disk system was selected as a finalist in the data backup hardware category for the 2013 Storage magazine/ Products of the Year award. And last week Spectra Logic was named the 2014 Storage Visions Awards' Visionary Company in Media and Entertainment Storage for the introduction of our Deep Simple Storage Service (DS3), the industry's first native RESTful interface to robotic tape storage systems. Our BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Appliance, which was introduced in October, was also recognized as a finalist in the professional media and entertainment class storage.

The nTier Verde provides simply affordable file storage. Extremely reliable and easy to use, it requires no previous storage experience to deploy and manage and it is half the cost of traditional file storage. We are seeing excellent demand for this product, which integrates seamlessly in environments with Spectra's tape libraries.

DS3 and BlackPearl are part of our new vision here at Spectra—the vision for a low-cost, massively scalable deep storage tier that can store data virtually forever. The 2014 Storage Visions Awards' reaffirms the work we're doing to bring our vision to life with the introduction of the DS3 interface and BlackPearl.

Tom Coughlin, founder of Coughlin Associates

Spectra's BlackPearl Deep Storage Appliance with its DS3 object-based interface is a significant addition to the cloud market that has the potential to change the way organizations of all sizes retain data indefinitely," said Tom Coughlin, founder, Coughlin Associates. "BlackPearl was recognized at this year's Storage Vision conference as an innovative storage solution for cloud-based archiving. Its smooth integration into existing cloud environments and its ability to perform partial data object restores are significant advances for Media and Entertainment organizations."

We're very proud of the Spectra Logic team and the work they've done and continue to do to bring this vision to life— not just for Spectra but for our customers throughout the world. The evolution of storage is just beginning, after all it's just January…