Installation Planning and Ensuring Success: Part 2

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installation image

Caption: Here a T950 perfectly fits underneath a fibre patch panel.  We love it when a plan comes together.

Let's face it, managing all the cabling and interconnects required by our products isn't the most exciting task in the world but a well-organized cable deployment is a thing of beauty.  Having all the relevant information about the servers that are our product attaches to enables us to locate the proper device drivers and utilities needed for reliable operation and effective management.  Features like our Media Lifecycle Management, AutoSupport, and Encryption all have configuration requirements that are customized to every environment.

In addition to all the interconnects and logistical details associated with setting up the equipment, the way customers regularly interact with the device is also important.  The administration of a large storage system can present a challenge to a department that may have diverse responsibilities.  Spectra Logic designs its products with the customer administration and workflow in mind.  That is why the knowledge transfer and orientation phase of every install includes information on how to leverage the unique features found in our products to help save the customers time.  The size of the Entry/Exit pool in the library is a good example where time savings and operational efficiency can be increased.  Matching the Entry/Exit pool to the amount of tapes a customer typically exchanges in a given batch will greatly streamline the tape handling process.  This can save operators a lot of time by reducing the amount of interaction that is required between the management software and the tape library.

Once in operation, our tape libraries monitor the internal workings and the health of the tape media.  Configuring the library to alert the appropriate personnel of any unexpected events is another important step for the installation.  There are several options available to monitor and alert datacenter operations staff including SNMP, SysLog, and email.  Customers can choose to configure one or more of these alert mechanisms depending on their environment.

Getting the most from your storage and archive systems requires a lot of attention to detail during the installation planning.  Basic datacenter logistics, power and cabling are just the start.  To take advantage of all the features offered in our products it is important to be aware of all the setup parameters that are available.  The Professional Services Group at Spectra Logic is committed to the success of our customers and is here to help.

If you have any questions for Spectra Logic's Professional Services team, you may contact us at any time at, or call us at 1-800-833-1132.