Installation Planning and Ensuring Success: Part 1

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The time has arrived. Today, your new storage hardware is scheduled to be installed. This project has been in the works for some time and you are looking forward to the improved capabilities of your new storage system. Sure, you’ve had lots of equipment installed on your datacenter floor in the past – but introducing new solutions can make for a stressful time. As you look back at the weeks leading up to the installation and all the work that went into the planning, you have hope that everything will come together flawlessly. How can you ensure the most successful implementation of your new storage solution? What’s next?

Each member of the Professional Services team at Spectra Logic is here to make sure that the installation of your new tape library, nTier disk appliance, or other data protection product goes smoothly, and that the results meet your expectations. To accomplish this, Spectra’s Professional Services team has created a process that involves both the exchange of information and the coordination of resources. That process starts with a “welcome” letter introducing the Spectra Logic staff members involved with the installation process and an explanation of their role.

A Site Survey is distributed that, at first glance, may seem a bit overwhelming but will serve as a valuable tool in the exchange of information. A successful installation can come down to the amount of attention to detail in this survey. We have found that customers who fully complete the Site Survey have a smoother and more successful installation experience.

Our Engineers like to avoid surprises, so in the Site Survey we ask many questions about your datacenter environment. The list of details is comprehensive and includes things like AC power, SAN and network configuration, cable types and lengths, server platforms and even doorway heights. Any one of these factors, if not identified and dealt with, can have a negative impact on the installation process.

Once the Site Survey is completed, we set up a conference call with you to review all the details and to schedule the onsite work.

In the second part of this article series, we will discuss how to prepare your data center to ensure seamless installation of the new hardware. If you have any questions for Spectra Logic’s Professional Services team, you may contact us at any time at, or call us at 1-800-833-1132.