Spectra’s TFinity Makes the Grade for University of Oslo’s National Cloud Storage Project

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In a recent survey we found 62% of organizations rarely delete data and grapple with the challenge of managing long term data storage. So it comes as no surprise that we're also seeing Universities around the world facing similar challenges.

Earlier today Spectra Logic announced the University of Oslo has selected a Spectra Logic TFinity coupled with QStar's Archive Manager 6.0 to upgrade its storage systems. One of the main reasons for this upgrade is due to the need for having 24/7 easy access to large volumes of scientific data and the ability to reliably store and maintain the data for the NorStore project the university hosts. The Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) and Data Integrity Verification capabilities of Spectra Logic's tape libraries, along with their low cost scalability made the Spectra TFinity an excellent fit for the University's long term data preservation.

The NorStore project is a Norwegian national data storage project where the country's research community benefits from a government-funded storage infrastructure. The University of Oslo hosts this centralized storage infrastructure for NorStore, making the upgrade an essential piece not only to its IT program but to all universities, university colleges and research organizations within Norway.

The University of Oslo was finding the capacity and flexibility of its legacy storage no longer met its requirements for the NorStore project—and for supporting its own university:

  • 27,000 students
  • 5,900 staff members
  • The University Center for Information Technology Services employees

Even with more than 250 people to support its IT infrastructure its storage infrastructure was becoming more challenging and costly to run. The system was comprised of solutions that, as time passed, ran older architectures that were challenging and expensive to operate due to vendor fragmentation, expiring support contracts, frequent hardware failures and expensive and impractical offline requirements for routine maintenance. And then there was the issue with data growth and data retention.

Data growth and long term data retention is not just an issue faced by the University of Oslo—it is a growing issue throughout the industry. In fact a recent poll found 69% of respondents keep data for 10 years or more. Watch the webinar to learn more about the poll and its findings. A number of factors influence the trend toward extended data retention throughout the industry, including regulatory, compliance or governance requirements, as well as the opportunity to repurpose and monetize information in the future. In the case of the University of Oslo, it is subject to unrelenting data growth from scientific activities, which put additional pressure on its aging system.

With the Spectra Logic TFinity tape library, the university initially has up to 4 PB of capacity, and they expect this to be quickly allocated. The system is easily scalable and cost effective. Adding the QStar clustered servers to the system provides an active / passive configuration as deployed by the University of Oslo. Data is staged to a disk cache, part of the Hitachi HUS-VM system, and gives the university the ability to store to tape through a NAS-like NFS interface.

We're excited to be working with QStar Technologies to support the Norstore program by bringing the University of Oslo a modern storage infrastructure that offers a high degree of consolidation, management centralization, performance and flexibility, as well as scalability. See today's full announcement.