Impressions from Spectra Summit 2013

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The third quarter has been a ground breaking month for us here at Spectra Logic. We kicked off October with another year of record results followed by our annual Spectra Summit event where we introduced our new Deep Storage vision and BlackPearl Deep Storage Appliance. The feedback we’ve received in the last few weeks has been overwhelming and a welcomed change for the tape storage industry. Today, I wanted to share a few videos on BlackPearl and what others are saying. We’d always like to hear from you, so please post your thoughts in the comments section.

Thoughts on BlackPearl from ESG
ESG Senior Analysts Mark Peters and Jason Buffington give their impressions on the Spectra Summit 2013 and BlackPearl.

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BlackPearl Makes its Debut
If you’d like to see the actual rollout of BlackPearl at the Spectra Summit, InsideHPC has a great video from the event when David Trachy and Molly Rector introduced the new BlackPearl storage device.

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