The Only Tier that Stores Massive Data Indefinitely for Pennies per GB

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This week we hosted Spectra Summit 2013 here in Colorado where we unveiled our new vision and roadmap for delivering deep storage solutions to the industry. Our vision is designed to meet the new, evolving storage requirements of modern data centers and customers that utilize Web applications and like the concept of cloud-type storage.

After a fun night at headquarters filled with local beer tasting, live band, photo booth, volleyball, a manufacturing tour as well as the opportunity to check out the 40-frame TFinity library, which is the highest capacity storage system in the world, we headed to the Omni for the conference.

We kicked things off Tuesday by introducing the vision for a deep storage tier and then unveiled the first RESTful interface that enables object-based tape storage. This new interface, DS3, is built upon the wildly successful S3 interface created by Amazon. We added the capability of S3 to now leverage sequential media and portable media and announced the DS3 (Deep Simple Storage Service) interface.

It was also great to have four of our customers speak at the event — NASCAR, Yahoo!, EVS and axle Video. They shared what they are doing in their environments and confirmed the need for this approach to deep storage.

To keep the momentum, today, we introduced Spectra’s BlackPearl Deep Storage Appliance, the first product to support our new Deep Simple Storage Service (DS3) interface and the cornerstone of our vision for delivering deep storage solutions.

The BlackPearl appliance is filled with, and enables, great technology filled with lots of great marketing keywords (REST, SSD cache, LTFS, object storage, etc). Heck I could even throw in Cloud, Software Defined Storage and Big Data into the keywords we buy on Google now for our website.

The combination of technology sets the stage for the adoption of deep storage tiers across new and expanding use cases that currently cannot easily access deep storage due to the lack of RESTful, web-based interfaces to tape library storage. It enables a new tier of storage to manage massive amounts of data indefinitely at an extremely low cost, and makes it easy for new data center architectures to store buckets of data objects on tape via a simple RESTful interface. The appliance also provides intelligent data management while delivering ease of use, cost and scalability advantages unmatched in the storage industry.

To make it ultra-easy for end users to deploy the BlackPearl appliance and gain the benefits associated with deep storage technology, Spectra Logic is unveiling a series of client options for enabling the transfer of data to deep storage. There are multiple ways data can move into a BlackPearl deep storage tier — a software client written specifically for Hadoop (this is correct, not a typo, Hadoop can now leverage tape) and big data environments and the Spectra Logic Developer Program for end users and ISVs that want to create their own clients.

This week has been a fun, exciting and telling week for Spectra and our vision for deep storage . . . and it’s only the beginning.

For full details regarding the BlackPearl Deep Storage Appliance, check out today’s press release.