Introducing Spectra Logic’s New Vision & Interface to Tape Storage: The ‘Deep Storage’ Tier

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A data revolution is occurring as more and more organizations discover new ways to extract value from their data. This movement envelops numerous markets including Web 2.0, cloud services, big data, media and entertainment, and many more. The desire to collect and analyze information for the sake of improving everything from business decisions to overall life experiences has driven data repositories to grow to sizes that were once inconceivable.

This transformation around how organizations amass, use and store long term data has necessitated a new tier of storage – deep storage – that delivers persistent storage over a REST interface with extreme low cost, power efficiency, high density and massive scalability. This tier must be able to manage large, bulk quantities of data for extended and possibly indefinite periods of time while meeting the needs of newer data center architectures that leverage storage in the form of data objects.

This week we are hosting Spectra Summit 2013 here in Colorado, where we're excited to unveil our new vision and roadmap for delivering deep storage solutions to the industry. This vision is designed to meet the new, evolving storage requirements of modern data centers and use cases.

Our vision is coming to life today – the first day of Spectra Summit – with the introduction of the storage industry's first native RESTful interface to tape library storage systems, Deep Simple Storage Service (DS3), which enables simple to use, cost-effective storage of large amounts of data. The DS3 interface is the cornerstone of our vision for delivering deep storage solutions for customers grappling with cost-effective ways to store massive volumes of data.  The new interface is also the first in a series of innovative technologies and solutions we will be introducing to support deep storage.

The DS3 interface will be supported by all of Spectra Logic's TSeries tape library data storage systems. By leveraging RESTful protocols, the DS3 interface enables modern web architecture frameworks to easily and efficiently communicate with massively scalable deep storage technologies. The DS3 interface allows data-intensive organizations to utilize the highest density, most cost-efficient storage for long term data retention and accessibility.

We're excited about this evolution in our business and the industry. Stay tuned for more deep storage developments…after all, it's only the first day of Spectra Summit.  

See today's full press release with DS3 interface details.