Annual ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’ Event: Education and Entertainment for All

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Spectra Logic was pleased to welcome 60 children to this year’s ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’ event. The day’s highlights included a tour of Spectra Logic’s manufacturing facility, a trade show to learn about all of the different departments within the company, shadow time, an engineering seminar, fire safety information and child ID kits.

Bring your Child to Work Day

Here’s what some of the children had to say about their experience:

Allison Beasley
Grade 4, Peak to Peak Charter School

My name is Allison Beasley, I am 9 years old and I went to Bring Your Child to Work Day at Spectra Logic. I will tell you this much—it was loads of fun!!!

First off, Spectra started with a tour. I enjoyed that we toured both buildings, but I would recommend that they describe what the area is and what it does a little louder. I was in the back and couldn’t hear very well. Later, I think you need time to calm down from all of the excitement.

If you think that too, then Shadow Time is your activity because you can spend time with your mom and dad, see their office, and do interviews with Spectra workers who showed they could speak with you by having awesome balloons up. Did I forget the fun tradeshow later on? Kids have to love it—you learn a lot so you’ll be smart, you get lots of gifts of toys and candy at the tradeshow, and you get to see how everything works at Spectra Logic. What’s a kid not to love?
Finally, we ended with cotton candy and ice cream! Now that is a good way to end your day. Can you easily see now why I love Bring your Kid to Work Day at Spectra Logic so much? Go Spectra Logic!!

Bring your Child to Work Day

Cole Beasley
Grade 6, Peak to Peak Charter School

I love Bring Your Child to Work Day! This was my second year going and it was just as fun as last year. My favorite part was seeing the engineers use a program called Solid Works and helping at the marketing trade show booth and solving their fun puzzle ball.

I like seeing what I might be doing in the future. I had fun learning about all the different people needed just to successfully make and sell one type of product. I am looking forward to next year and am hoping to see the engineers use Solid Works again and maybe a manufacturing lesson. Bring your Kid to Work Day is something I look forward to and hope to continue doing. Thanks Spectra!

Sasha M. Miller
Grade 4, Red Hawk Elementary

Sasha put together a power point presentation about her experience at Bring Your Child to Work Day and what she learned about Spectra Logic. She learned that the smallest machine is the T50e and the biggest is the TFinity. According to Sasha, “The best time that I had was the crane, meeting new friends and of course learning!”

The employees at Spectra Logic had so much fun educating and entertaining the children. We look forward to many more to come.