NASCAR Productions Revs Up Data Storage Capacity with Spectra Logic

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Earlier this week, we announced that NASCAR Productions deployed a Spectra® TFinity tape library to archive 180,000 hours (8PB) of high-resolution video footage. The enterprise-class

TFinity, utilizing LTO data tape technology, will manage and store NASCAR’s vast historical broadcast data, including NASCAR-related events, TV programs, movies and commercials.

We have served NASCAR’s storage needs since 2008. They started with a T950 library configured to archive 50,000 hours of video footage. Now, five years later, their production has grown by 260 percent to 180,000 hours. NASCAR’s implementation is a prime example of the value of an active archive. NASCAR has access to all of its digital assets, built-in disaster recovery protection, and has reduced its operating expenses while also guaranteeing that these assets will be available for years to come. It can restore as much data and video footage as needed – indefinitely.

We faced some tough competition to win this deal, however, NASCAR chose Spectra Logic based on the strong relationship we’ve formed over the past five years, our proven customer support, and the ability of the TFinity tape library to meet its data storage needs now and well into the future.

Companies in the media and entertainment (M&E) industry are experiencing massive data growth and longer retention periods. Video assets are at the core of M&E businesses so ensuring the integrity of the data while providing a dependable long-term storage solution is vital.

The race is on to serve the storage needs of the growing M&E industry. At Spectra Logic, we are poised to win this race by delivering the most innovative data storage solutions to meet this ever-growing need. Ladies and gentlemen – start your engines!