Data Center Fire Sparks Spectra Logic to Action

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The ability to recover from a disaster is critically important, and Spectra’s experience with the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), is a great illustration of how seriously we take our responsibility to support our customers when disaster strikes.

GTRI employs nearly 1600 associates and conducts more than $200 million in government and industry-sponsored research annually. To protect this mission critical research data, two media servers stream GTRI’s 100 TBs of scientific research and corporate data, which is then stored to primary disk and then moved to one of two Spectra Logic T50e tape libraries for backup and disaster recovery.

Things were running smoothly at GTRI until a fire struck its data center in late 2011. An overheated uninterruptable power system caused a devastating system loss, including one of the T50e units.

Daniel Buchanan, a systems support engineer at GTRI, contacted our support department and we jumped into action and initiated Spectra’s Storage Crisis Lifeline program. Under Storage Crisis Lifeline, we ship a free loaner library to customers severely affected by disasters and who are unable to utilize their existing tape library or perform data restores.

This fast action enabled a quick and successful recovery.  GTRI’s tape libraries are mission critical and the Institute is adversely affected if they are down for any extended period of time.  Buchanan was relieved to get the loaner unit and was able to get GTRI back online and in the process of restoring data in just two days.

Buchanan noted, "Spectra’s responsive support department is critical to us and is a major reason why I am a loyal Spectra Logic customer."

Spectra’s Storage Crisis Lifeline program was first introduced in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina. Its benefits are currently available to US-based customers with a documentable "disaster situation" (fire, flood, hurricane, other "act of God") and have equipment that is damaged beyond immediate repair. Once operations are restored, loaner tape libraries can be returned or Spectra will bill the customer if they choose to keep the unit permanently.

Buchanan said that his favorite benefits of using Spectra Logic are Spectra’s capable and responsive support organization, along with the tape libraries’ disaster recovery capabilities, high reliability, front panel user interface and speed. Going forward, GTRI plans to add Spectra BlueScale Encryption and upgrade its libraries to LTO-6 technology tape.

Let’s hope Buchanan doesn’t need to utilize the Storage Crisis Lifeline program ever again, but with Spectra Logic, he can rest assured that the GTRI data sets can be fully restored if ever a crisis strikes again.