SC12: Observations from the Show Floor

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What a great event! Every year we exhibit at the annual Supercomputing Show, it gets better.  I would say that the attendance this year seemed a little lighter than in the past, but the quality of attendees from our perspective was very high.  

We had the privilege of demonstrating our systems and meeting with dozens of "qualified" users who are likely to purchase within the next year or two.  The attendees were from all parts of the world and across multiple industries and HPC subverticals.  

The one thing I did notice is that many of the federal agencies were not present as they usually are.  Rumor has it that because many budgets were slashed this year, several big agencies and integrators were not exhibiting or in attendance.  

Nonetheless, I was very pleased to see a lot of our existing customers and many of our future customers at the event.  It is always good to continue developing those key relationships.  

It is very well-known in the HPC community and especially at this event that Spectra Logic continues to be the innovation and scalability leader.   I saw and talked to many competitors’ representatives from Oracle, IBM and Qualstar, as they came over and even marveled at our booth, products and technology.  

One in particular said, "Your TFinity is amazing. I hope I never have to compete with it in a deal!”  As I always say (with the utmost humility and gratitude) "it's good to be Spectra Logic."  

One notable observation was that Quantum was nowhere to be found.  They continue to neglect this market segment.

Suffice it to say, this is probably our best SC show ever given the amount of qualified prospects we met with and the amount of real opportunities I anticipate as a result of our participation. I even had one customer request a quote immediately after seeing a demonstration of our Spectra T950 tape library!  Due to his reaction to our feature set, I probably could have sold him the trade show system directly from the floor.

We proudly displayed information about and a video of the NCSA Bluewaters win and that certainly got a lot of people's attention.  Timing is everything and many of the folks I have worked with for the last few years are getting to a point where their legacy and monolithic systems from our competitors are aging and need to be replaced.  

Because of our past and continued efforts in the HPC vertical, we have become a well-known and trusted vendor and those efforts are paying off and opportunities to solve HPC customers’ current and future storage challenges are abundant.  

I believe the Bluewaters win, among many others in HPC, has opened up many new opportunities for us and our reputation in the world of supercomputing.  Spectra Logic is recognized as an innovation and technology leader that develops, builds, installs and supports the largest storage systems in the world and is trusted by the brightest scientists running the fastest computers on the planet!