Despite Hurricane Sandy, HD World 2012 Show Weathers the Storm

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Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on much of the Northeast including parts of New York City where the HD World Show was held this week.  Despite a few hiccups, the show went on as planned and turned out to be a good opportunity for us to talk with customers, partners and prospects about our data storage solutions for the M&E market.

Here are some of my observations from the show floor:

  • The convention center recovered nicely after having flooding as high as 3 feet in places. All water drained and dehumidified and there were minimal signs of damage.
  • Many vendors, including Spectra Logic (T950), had equipment destroyed while sitting in advance storage of show in New Jersey. There was lots of booth improvising all around.
  • We experienced steady traffic all day long. Customers are showing a strong interest in seeing technology at this show, even though many of them have a lot on their plates recovering from the storm. Many customers no longer make the trip to NAB.
  • Hurricane Sandy drove more urgency and awareness for a sound disaster recovery strategy, which is good for Spectra Logic.
  • End-users who participated in the show included small post-production shops, university archivist and sports divisions as well as sports teams and major broadcast networks.
  • It was amazing to see these companies still trying to get their minds around file-based conversion. We noted that there is a definite need for more education from vendors in this piece of the data storage puzzle.
  • It seems like the post-house customers are still in the early adoption phase of deploying comprehensive asset management and archiving. Currently, many are using “bubble-gummed” solutions.

What was your experience at HD World? Leave a comment or contact me directly at with your thoughts.