Empark Selects Spectra Logic?s T50e Tape Library Technology

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London, UK- 2nd October 2012 Spectra Logic, celebrating more than 30 years of backup and archive innovation, today announced that Empark, one of the world’s principal car parking solutions firms, has selected a Spectra Logic T50e tape library to upgrade its storage of business-critical data while improving efficiency, reliability and security.

With over 3,000 employees and offices in Andorra, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the UK, Empark manages nearly 400,000 parking spaces in 164 cities and has approximately three TB of information to protect and keep accessible around the clock. For example, some of its databases receive parking fine details at any time during the day or night and this data needs to be available 24/7 to council operators. The corresponding payment details are also stored on Empark’s IT systems.

“We wanted to improve consistency of service as the legacy storage systems we had been using were becoming unreliable and giving us continuous problems with robotic arms and other hardware.” Said systems department director Antonio Angel Ortega Fernández. “We wanted a robust solution that would allow us to consolidate and centralise our backups. Having tested several alternatives we quickly saw that Spectra Logic’s T50e library offered the highest degree of functionality and ease of use, all within our limited budget.”

After working with other products whose reliability was becoming a potential issue, Empark decided to upgrade its storage infrastructure to increase its capacity, flexibility, performance, scalability and reliability. The IT team, led Ortega Fernández, reviewed a number of options and eventually chose Spectra Logic’s T50e tape library. With advanced LTO tape technology, powerful library management functionality and increased security through the integrated BlueScale® Encryption, this tape library met all of Empark’s selection criteria.  

The T50e provides the versatility and high performance Empark was looking for as explained by Molly Rector, Spectra Logic’s EVP of Product Management and Worldwide Marketing, “The T50e scales up to an impressive 560 MB/s throughput and 75 TB native capacity. In addition it is compatible with all major backup software offerings, operating systems and platforms, making it a clear winner for organisations wanting to centralise their backups.”
Since being installed, the tape library is already proving its worth in terms of reliability as confirmed by Emparks’ technology and infrastructure manager, Ivan Campos Muñoz, “I need to spend very little time on the management and administration of the T50e, no more than 20 minutes a week. Even library or drive firmware upgrades only take about one hour every six months or so. This is a vast improvement on how we were operating before switching to Spectra Logic, as we now have time to concentrate on developing our business.”

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