Spectra Logic Receives High Customer Accolades in Taneja Group Research Study

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Customers Cite Spectra’s Support, Product Reliability, Scalability and High-Density Design as Top Competitive Differentiators

Boulder, Colo. July 24, 2012Spectra Logic today announced the availability of a new market research study conducted and published by the Taneja Group that unanimously illustrates Spectra as an excellent tape library choice for both active archive of file data and traditional backup uses.  According to the independent, third-party report, long-term tape library users who switched to Spectra® tape libraries are able to better control energy and overall operating costs; reduce liability risk; meet legal compliance regulations; and manage their fast-paced data growth, while enjoying exceptional, comprehensive customer service and support

Spectra Logic has a very strong and loyal customer base due to the quality and responsiveness of its support department, superior product engineering, product design and self-serviceability, and its open ear to customer needs and feedback,” said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst, the Taneja Group. “Based on this primary research, we believe that Spectra has earned its position as one of the leading providers of tape solutions and should be included on every IT buyer’s short list.”

The Taneja Group’s Field Study Report is based on in-depth telephone interviews with Spectra Logic customers in healthcare, HPC, financial, IT services and engineering industries. The interview participants represent organizations of all sizes from multiple countries worldwide, including the United States, Australia and Canada. The participants use Spectra TSeries libraries of various sizes, from the Spectra T50e to the enterprise-class TFinity, to meet their wide range of file archiving, data backup and disaster recovery requirements.

Taneja analysts polled the tape library users about their roles, responsibilities, budget, evaluation method, purchasing process, business requirements and challenges. The study validated the compelling economics that tape enjoys over disk for long-term data retention, energy consumption, data center space and high availability. For example, one customer at a financial services firm pointed out that with each new LTO generation, tape capacity roughly doubles in the same footprint, which drives down operating costs per GB and makes their archiving use case even more economical. In addition to its economic advantages, study participants reported that they also prefer tape for its density, reliability and durability benefits, particularly when it is used for long-term data retention. A Spectra Logic customer at a large computing facility revealed that his organization chose to archive files on tape instead of disk because tape offered more cost-effective scalability and greater durability.

“The Taneja report reveals what matters most to customers: a supportive sales process, excellent product capabilities and superior support,” said Brian Grainger, senior vice president of worldwide sales, Spectra Logic. “This study highlights why these customers and many more throughout the world choose Spectra Logic tape libraries over competitive offerings from Quantum, Oracle and others.”

Sample interviewee commentary

“The biggest factors for the TFinity were first of all Spectra technology, especially its media lifecycle management. Since it is located in the DR site, we pay a premium for that floor space. Spectra’s small footprint and low power consumption were the other big factors.”—storage management team lead, Community Health Systems

“The support that I have received from Spectra Logic has been excellent.”—HPC technical director, Computer Sciences Corporation

“We have a lot of long term legal requirements to hold onto things for 6-7 years…it makes better sense to put [data] on tape because we can reconstitute it to tape from disk and send it off site. We’re not using any space for it and it’s easy to recover later if we need it.” –systems administrator, large financial services company.”

“I like tape because of this library.”—lead engineer for AFNI, Inc.

“We needed to get into high capacity storage for backup and archiving, with a long-term growth path, and Spectra offered us that. We were looking out 10 years so they had to give us a roadmap to show they understood the issues.”—associate director for a large computing facility

“Some vendors behave as though support calls are an annoyance, but Spectra views every support call as an opportunity to improve.”—senior backup administrator for Bombardier Aerospace Montréal.

The Taneja Group’s Tape Usage Field Study can be downloaded here.

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