Bring Your Child to Work Day at Spectra

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Children Share Their Impressions from Spectra Logic's Bring Your Child to Work Day Celebration

Last week, over 70 children attended Spectra Logic's "Bring Your Child to Work Day" celebration. This year marked the 20th anniversary of this event and Spectra Logic has participated since its inception.

At Spectra Logic's event, children don't just follow mom or dad around the office, they are exposed to a fun-filled, educational adventure. Throughout the day children participated in a variety of events from tours, to trade shows to interviews and educational workshops. There was also a little downtime with outdoor games and activities and an ice cream social to top off the day.

We asked the children who participated to share their thoughts and impressions on the event by writing about it for our blog contest.  Sasha Miller won the grand prize, a $25 gift card, and the other entrants won $15 gift cards for their contributions.

Congratulations to all of our guest bloggers!  Here's what they had to say:

Winning Entry (Submitted by Sasha Miller):

"Spectra Logic's Bring Your Child to Work Day was splendid! I learned about all the departments. At registration time, I got my own badge! During the tour, I got to visit building 2, 3, and 4. Most people at Spectra Logic don't know that building 2 and 3 are there. Building 4 is new! When we were at building 4, we saw different rooms! Some rooms were very tight and one was an open floor. The coolest part of building 4 was the crane. We got lifted up, up and away!

"After that was shadow time. I learned all kinds of things. My mom's work is so cool! Outside playtime was a blast! We played sharks and minnows. We even colored! The trade show was awesome. I learned about the machines Spectra Logic makes, advertises and sells. My mom had some prototypes of the things Spectra makes. It is cool how it moves tapes by WiFi. At the last Shadow Time, I answered the questions and I interviewed Matt Lendway and Sara Adams. That's why Bring Your Child to Work Day was wonderful!"

Sasha Miller

 "There's a trade show where I got a lot of candy and a pencil, pen and eraser. And I found where my mom's cube was sooner then she did! She found it in a week and I found it in less then a day. And I got a fold up Frisbee. Also I met a really nice guy who works right next to my mom and his name is Eric Lohmar, he is a very, very good at taking photos. And there is another guy named Terence who works with the Spanish customers and I got to hitch a ride on a conference call and that is only because I speak some Spanish because I go to a bilingual school. By the way my mom is Lisa Kovener and I am in 4th grade and I go to Escuela Bilingue Pioneer. Thank you for having me at Spectra Logic!"

Zoe Bray, 4th Grade, Escuela Bilingue Pioneer

"Bring Your Child to Work Day was so much fun and marvelous! I had such a great time. Everything was very well done and fun. Shadow Time was put together well. It is great that kids like me can meet other people and learn what those people do. It is also very nice that they also supplied food for parents and kids. Everyone needs to eat at some point in the day.

"Why do I think Bring Your Child to Work Day at Spectra was so great? There were so many activities for kids to do and have fun with. First, Spectra put together a breakfast and then we got to go on a tour. Next, we went on Shadow Time with our parent or the older kids, like my brother, got to spend time in Engineering or Manufacturing. After that, we got lunch and then we got to shadow some more. I got to interview people in Marketing. We then had some fun outdoor time and, last, we had an ice cream social.

"Spectra probably put a lot of effort to have their Bring Your Child to Work Day happen.  Also, everyone was nice and polite. They really made sure everyone felt comfortable coming. These are some of the reasons I really enjoyed Bring Your Child to Work Day. I am really happy my mom works at Spectra."

Allison Beasley, age 8, Peak to Peak Charter School

"I went to Spectra Logic's Take Your Child to Work Day with my Mom. When I was there, I noticed they were all just a happy family and everyone worked together. Spectra Logic employees didn't just cooperate, respect each other and other things, but they also gave valuable information that we can use when we get older.  We learned how to make a good first impression at a job interview. We learned about hardware and how to write a computer software program.  When I grow up I want to work at Spectra Logic and just have fun."

Kate Dellett, age 9, Arapahoe Ridge Elementary

"My favorite part was seeing how the libraries moved and how the robots picked up the tapes and put them into the slots. I liked the conference rooms and the ice cream party.  I think I'll be a great engineer and an artist one day."  

Eric Dellett, age 7, Arapahoe Ridge Elementary