Big Data Software ? More Than Just Analytics

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Spectra Logic’s Kevin Dudak is a contributing blogger for the Inside Big Data Blog. His most recent post, Big Data Software – More Than Just Analytics, has been reprinted below with permission from Rich Brueckner:

Big Data Software – More Than Just Analytics

I noticed a funny thing the other day while on the Storage Networking World website, looking at the different things on the agenda. At the top of the list is the Big Data track the first day of the show. That’s pretty predictable, given everyone seems to be talking about Big Data these days.

Surprisingly, Hadoop isn’t mentioned once in any of the Big Data track session descriptions. Some of the Big Data Track sessions are about Data Analytics, bringing Big Data to the enterprise and where to start with Big Data – in all of this I am sure Hadoop will come up, but it’s interesting it was not mentioned in the titles or descriptions.

At most other events that have a Big Data focus you see Hadoop everywhere. In fact, the feedback from some people that went to the Strata Conference was Hadoop and Big Data are inseparable. It seems that many have begun to believe that Big Data = Hadoop… but does it?

If Big Data equals Hadoop, then Big Data equals Analytics. But Big Data isn’t that simple. Processing, programming, networking and storage have some type of implication to Big Data, and I am sure we will discover many more important aspects over the next year or two.

What were once simple tasks are much more complex when dealing is massive data sets. The impact to storage systems and networks when looking at data protection alone are beyond what most organizations have considered before. With data sets that can now be larger the many disk arrays, migrating to new systems is complex and time consuming.

SNW isn’t focused on Data Scientists, but on storage managers, and while Hadoop will surely be talked about, it won’t be the focus of the day. As time goes on more disciplines will start to look at the implication Big Data plays in their part of the IT ecosystem.