Happy Birthday, TFinity!

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November marks the second anniversary of the launch of Spectra Logic’s flagship product and the world’s highest capacity storage system: the Spectra TFinity tape library.

As with any 2 year-old, significant growth  has occurred in a short amount of time.  Since TFinity’s launch in November 2009, library development has included growing from:

  1. 25 frames in a single library to 40 frames
  2. 30,520 LTO tapes to 50,100 tapes in a single library
  3. 4 libraries in a complex to 8 libraries in a complex
  4. 122,000+ LTO tapes in a single complex to 400,800 LTO tapes in a complex
  5. LTO tape technology exclusively to including industry leading TS1140 Technology tape drives as well
  6. 183 PB in a complex to 3.6 EB in a complex using TS1140 Technology

In addition to the physical growth, the library has also added next generation servers and software to better support a variety of features and enhancements that include:

  1. Data Integrity Verification to preserve data viability and integrity – particularly in archives
  2. Continually increasing robotics performance
  3. Expanded MLM database capacity
  4. XML API

And while this growth has progressed, TFinity has continued to provide the industry’s best:

  1. Library density
  2. Power efficiency
  3. Library management – including built-in encryption key management
  4. Product reliability

It’s been an impressive couple of years since TFinity was introduced to the world.  Watch and see what happens during the next 2 years.  Happy Birthday, TFinity!