?Why I?m Thankful?for Big Data Storage?

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We should all be Thankful as “Big Data” improves storage for everyone.

It’s the beginning of the Holiday season, with Thanksgiving travel in full swing.  I’ll be getting 10 hours of windshield time shortly, as I’m headed to see family.

As more of our customers have moved into the world of “Big Data” we have been looking at how to make storage ready for ExaScale.  ExaScale sized storage has challenges that storing a handful of Terabytes never imagined.  Spectra announced the 12thgeneration of BlueScaleearlier this month with a lot of advancements for Big Data customers.  While “Big Data” can mean a lot of different things to different organizations, one thing that is common is the need to storage and manage huge amounts of information.  We spent hours working with our customers over the last year looking at where we could make massive storage easier to use. 

Simply booting up a multi-petabytelibrary can be time consuming.  Traditionally, a library will reinventory itself when rebooting.  This takes a few minutes on a library with 50 tapes, but will take hours on a library with 15,000 tapes.  Spectra’s BlueScale 12 operating systemwill not force a fresh inventory on reboot.  If you didn’t change any tapes, why waste all that time?  If you did open the library and change things, then you can tell the system to update the inventory, whichwill save our customers hours.

The number of components that might need code updates over the life of the library grows with data storage as well.  What would take a few minutes with a 2 drive tape library could take hours with a 120 drive library.  With BlueScale 12, updates are done in parallel, so 120 drive sleds can be updated in the time of one.   

Of course, most organizations are not rebooting their libraries or updating firmware every month.  We have continued to increase the assistance Media Lifecycle Managementgives our customers.  The analytics we evaluateon our Certified Media combined with Data Integrity Verificationon the data written automatically lets informs administrators if there is an issue.  They do not need to spend any time managing it, it just works.  BlueScale 12 adds MLMsupport for TS1140 technologytape media in Spectra TFinitylibraries. 

These enhancements and more, like the XML interface, Carbide Clean and RAIT make managing the largest storage environments easy and reliable.  The great thing about Spectra TSeries libraries is they all run BlueScale.  OursmallerT50ecustomers get the same software updates and benefits as our largest TFinitycustomers.    All our customers do not generate multiple petabytes of data, but they all have data that is important to their business.  Being able to bring the advances that“Big Data” drives to all our customers is something I am thankful for.

Now, back to the road. Safe travels this holiday season!