Archive? Tape Innovation? Customer Relationships? Who cares?

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Well, apparently ‘Big Data’ organizations dealing with the data explosion care quite a bit about these topics.  

Numerous customers recently attended Spectra Logic’s 2011 TAP (TSeries Advisory Panel) meeting to discuss industry trends and roadmaps for archive, tape and overall storage.  The TAP consists of a select group of Spectra’s tape library users who convene annually to discuss their product experience and wish list for future developments and features. Attendees this year represented various HPC environments including national labs, genomics, cloud services, media and entertainment, financial services and manufacturing.

Customers gained insight on overall HPC storage trends from HPC analyst Addison Snell (@addisonsnell on Twitter), CEO of Intersect360.  Developers from IBM and FujiFilm demonstrated their commitment to tape technology by providing overviews of their LTO and enterprise tape roadmaps including their recent joint research demonstrating 35 TB tape capacity.  Finally, Spectra Logic executives held interactive sessions with customers on our storage roadmap.

Here are a few takeaways from customers at the August 2011 TAP meeting:

  • Archive Matters.    Customers see archive solutions as a key element in cost-effectively managing data explosion.   They applaud Spectra Logic and other vendors’ leadership role in Active Archive.
  • Tape Matters.    Customers are clear that tape will continue to play a crucial role well into the future by providing the safest, most cost-effective storage.  The LTO consortium agrees and has a committed LTO roadmap well into the future.
  • Customer Relationships Matter.   Most importantly, as storage requirements evolve, customers need vendors who foster partnerships to help meet their evolving storage needs.   Customers need transparent dealings with sales, support and executives — and listed their personal relationships within Spectra Logic as one of the top reasons they selected us.  According to these TAP customers, Storage Magazine’s 2010 Quality Awards, and fiscal 2011 financial results, Spectra Logic is on the right track.