News Flash: Spectra Initiates Storage Crisis Lifeline to Help Customers Affected by Hurricane Irene

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by Brian Grainger, VP of Worldwide Sales

As Spectra Logic's customers along Hurricane Irene’s path prepare to protect their homes and families, our team is ramping up to support their business operations wherever possible by initiating our Storage Crisis Lifeline program today. We first introduced this program in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina.  Spectra Logic's Global Technical Support Center team is available around the clock to assist any of our customers impacted by the hurricane.  Support will be provided to customers after business hours and during weekends, regardless of the Service Level Agreement or support contract covering their damaged tape library, to help organizations restore data and restart operations as quickly as possible.

Any customers affected by this event should contact Spectra's technical support department at 1.800.227.4637 or Our support staff will evaluate each situation and activate a plan to help customers resume operations.  As part of our Storage Crisis Lifeline program, we will ship a free loaner library to severely affected customers unable to utilize their existing tape library or perform data restores.

Spectra's Storage Crisis Lifeline benefits are currently available to US-based customers with a documentable "disaster situation" (fire, flood, hurricane, other "act of God") with equipment that is damaged beyond the ability to restore. Following the event and once operations are restored, loaner tape libraries that were shipped out can be returned, or we will bill the customers choosing to keep the unit permanently.