The Best? By Any Other Name, Is Still?The BEST

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Storage admins have heard the same vendor pitches over and over and over. And let’s admit it, repetition in any job is just boring. I am lucky to be in a channel marketing role where I can hear what hundreds of storage solution providers are doing to make product positioning both relevant and interesting. And some of them do it really well.

Here are three of the best I’ve seen:

Cambridge Computer’s Active Archive Lecture Series – This seminar is a half-day of lectures around topics such as “Best Practices of Archiving and Data Life Cycle Management” and “Comparative Methods for the Automation of Tiered Storage.” The audience is actually learning something that they can apply in their own environment today. The feedback we hear from this event is not just positive, it is also appreciative. This lecture series is one of dozens of educational events that Cambridge puts on. To see if Cambridge is hosting an event in your area, visit their Web site here:

Eagle Software’s Total Solution pitch – Eagle Software has established a reputation in the mid-west for being  a knowledgeable storage industry consultant. A lot of VARs label themselves “solution providers” and sometimes that just means you can buy multiple products from them. But, Eagle is a true solution provider. They test multiple products for interoperability, and build a complete working solution for their customers, including installation and support. What is interesting about their method for delivering this message to market is that they actually ILLUSTRATE this approach in a lunch and learn series. Eagle regularly takes interesting products, sets up a live environment, demos the working solution, and identifies best practices to share to their end user base. And…. you get a steak dinner. Expect to see an upcoming event around best practices in backup and archiving, coming in the fall. Email events@storagebyeagle.comto get added to their event invitation list.  

ASG Social Media – We are all trying to figure out how to leverage social media in our businesses. ASG has one of the best social media presences out there. Their multi-pronged approach includes a regular newsletter where they feature product specials, a blog from their CTO on hot topics, a YouTube channel featuring educational content, and a lively Twitter feed. Their Twitter network is diverse and active and is filled with industry information. Follow them at @virtual_com.

The above three are excellent examples of the types of solution providers we are eager to work with. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and trusted in the industry. Their customers listen to what they have to say and act on their advice because of the value they bring to the market.

Spectra Logic is proud to have  Cambridge, Eagle, and ASG on board as Elite SpectraEDGE resellers. Kudos, guys. You make working even more fun.