Big Storage, Little Price: Last Call for Spectra?s T50e Tape Library Promo

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There is still time to take advantage of the “Big Storage, Little Price” Spectra Logic T50e price promotion that launched this past February.  Just contact your Spectra Logic sales representative or check out the T50e Web Page, then place your order before June 30th 2011. The special promotion includes a T50e with 10 slots and 1 LTO-4 half-height Fibre Channel tape drive for only $7,725.00. Or, if you want the latest in tape technology, we're offering the T50e with 10 slots and 1 LTO-5 half-height Fibre Channel tape drive for $9,275.00.

Top 10 reasons to take advantage of this promotion today:

  1. The T50e offers entry-level and mid-market customers powerful library management functionality including partitioning, remote library control, and global spare tape drive.
  2. The T50e provides highly reliable tape backup and archive with complete Media, Drive and Library Lifecycle Management.
  3. The T50e is highly scalable with a capacity of 10-50 slots and 1-4 tape drives.
  4. The T50e offers increased security through our integrated BlueScale Encryption
  5. The T50e features a range of support options to meet the needs of every customer.
  6. Spectra mid-range library products, including the T50e, recently swept the board—winning first place in all fourteen categories— in Storagemagazine/’s Quality Awards for Tape Libraries program
  7. The T50e offers enterprise-level features such as Auto Support, Data Integrity Verification and Automated Tape Drive cleaning.
  8. June 30th will be here before you know it.
  9. This pricing is for a limited time, you cannot procrastinate forever.
  10. You gain the opportunity to deal with one of the most user-friendly, innovative tape vendors in the industry.


See some highlights about the T50e tape library as reported by end users in the Quality Awards program 2010 survey. The Spectra Logic T50e…. it easily stands out in front.