What Spectra?s up to at Backup Central Live

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Backup and recovery guru – Curtis Preston recently announced a new seminar series, Backup Central Live by Truth in IT, for 2011.  When Spectra heard of the new events we signed up for the first 5 announced in early 2011 – how could we resist?!?! We were quite excited to participate in these day- long events taking place in various cities (Irvine, CA Jan 25; Santa Clara, CA Jan 27; Orlando, FL Feb 1; Chicago, IL Feb 3 – now Feb 22; Houston, TX Feb 8) – where we’d get the opportunity to speak one-on-one with end users as well as share some of our personal accomplishments and industry updates during a speech to the entire audience.

A bit more on the seminars – Curtis plans to extend these day long seminars to upward of 20 cities this year. Qualified end users can register for free admission on the www.backupcentrallive.com  Web site. Each of the seminars consists of independent industry insight from Curtis, as well as sponsor presentations, and a chance for end users to meet one on one with sponsors at their table top exhibits. The umbrella theme for each event is addressing the challenges of backup and recovery – and how products/services address them. Here’s a sample of topics being covered:

• Virtualized servers (e.g. VMware, Hyper-V, Xen)
• Very large servers and data centers
• Remote offices and laptops
• Data retained for multiple years
• Cloud Backup Services
• Deduplication
• Continuous data protection (CDP)
• Near-CDP
• Archive software
• Tape and its proper role

At each event, Spectra is presenting “The Right Role for Tape in Archive & Backup”, a quick summary of what Spectra Logic is up to and what the tape industry looks like moving forward. Folks that attend our sessions have the opportunity to learn about our recent Quality Awards win sweep in Storage magazine/ www.searchstorage.com; the future of tape –the LTO roadmap and how future tape technologies can hold up to 35TB uncompressed; the advent of the Active Archive Alliance, and how the University of MN implemented an active archive supporting 200TBs today with the capability of growing to 1PB within three years with a Spectra Logic T950 library. 

We are at the Houston event today, presenting at 2:20PM CST.

Please note the Chicago event was rebooked from early February to allow for extra snow shoveling time – and will now take place Feb 22nd. I hope those that registered will be able to dig themselves out in time to make it in time for the rescheduled event!

 If you’re interested in attending one of these events visit www.backupcentrallive.com to register –chances are Backup Central Live will be coming to a city near you. Oh yeah, don’t forget to keep an eye on the Spectra Logic event page – we’re all over the place and are participating in lots of events in 2011!

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