Highlighting Your Best Feature IS The Trend… Get On Board

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Last week, Spectra was one of hundreds of vendors at IP Expo in London. Several of Spectra’s business partners were in attendance as well, and it is always interesting to see what they are up to. 

It’s great to see a back to basics theme in our channel’s marketing and event planning. The channel is intended to put logical solutions together and there seems to be more of a push towards introducing their vendors in this way. This compliments Spectra’s Active Archive messaging and the Alliance nicely and was certainly a hot topic amongst the end users as well. 

On the other hand we also saw a specialization theme. As much as a customer doesn’t want to be pigeonholed, the channel is doing more research into the types of products customer’s buy together or in succession with each other, they are doing more verticalized marketing as a focus, and tiering their customers in other ways such as size. A few examples are Global Distribution with M&E and CCTV focuses, Cristie UK with the mid-market, and B2Net with Financial vertical. 

Cloud computing was a hot topic at IP Expo, as it is everywhere. The end users are asking a lot of questions, some are quite skeptical, but the industry must go in the direction of the cloud in response. The channel is determining their role in this and it remains to be seen how that will play out. Will the manufacturers drive the strategy? Is distribution the key player here? Is it the closest-to-the-end-user reseller that will drive the car? 

I guess when you look at all of this, the biggest trend is that there are no real “trends”. In reality, the trend is that everyone has their own specialty and focus on what they do best: from bundling products to pre-sales consulting to professional service offerings. We spoke to many channel partners and found that they all were interested in different products, messages, and go to market strategies. Highlighting your best features? Count us in!