Product Reliability: What is the Holy Grail?

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I hate when things break.  Not only is it often costly, but it is always time consuming and frustrating.  So, product reliability is very important to me and I suspect most people feel the same way.   

 In the IT world this need for reliability is multiplied many times over.  In fact, reliability is often cited as one of the most important requirements when considering an IT solution.  It has truly become a cliché to say that IT systems need to be available 7X24X365.

 On the surface it would seem that tape reliability is not as critical to IT operations.  In most cases a failed backup due to a broken tape drive or bad media would not be an urgent situation. In fact, it is often ignored.  The trouble comes when data recovery from that tape is needed to keep a mission critical system going and the backup was never created.   Then a tough situation has gone from “bad to worse,” and that is an understatement.   Consider for example, the estimated cost of down time for a Financial institution is $2.8 Million per hour, a Retail corporation comes in at $2.2 million per hour and downtime costs for the Health industry is $1.4 million per hour. [1] These figures are staggering.

 Spectra Logic recognizes the potential risk and overwhelming cost to a corporation that cannot recover its mission critical data from a tape backup.  Spectra’s Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) and Drive Lifecycle Management (DLM) provide a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing your tape resources and solving problems before they occur.  For example, MLM reduces media-related backup errors, identifies media that is overused and should be retired, leverages user-defined thresholds to protect critical data sets, and monitors your tape library health throughout its lifecycle.  DLM provides similar functionality for tape drives.

 In today’s world, “system down” means lost money, customers and reputation. Total reliability is the holy grail of any technology deployment and Spectra solutions are designed with the holy grail in mind.  

[1] Source: Horison Information Strategies, The Impact of Downtime and Data Loss