Green storage and TFinity

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I recently had the honour of getting on stage at the Storage Awards 2010 to collect the gong for Green Storage Product of the Year, awarded to the TFinity. The award win wasn’t the first for Spectra Logic over the last few months, but I’m not here to crow about our success (well, maybe just a little).

Instead, the award made me think about the whole Green IT movement and where we currently stand in the UK. The hype around Green IT has far outweighed the traction – in part because Green has been leapt upon by marketeers and the buzz-word brigade, but also because the ‘movement’ pretty much met the global economic troubles head-on as soon as it started to gain any momentum.

For vendors that started off down the Green IT messaging path there was a lot of backtracking as they focused their efforts on promoting cost-savings and TCO benefits in line with customers’ priorities. Now that economic recovery seems to be slowly creeping into view, there may be a lot of vendors coming full-circle, feeling that customers may be ready to move CSR up the IT agenda.

This posturing and positioning is what faces vendors trying to pass off any technology as IT’s answer to Captain Planet in a desperate attempt to gain a competitive edge. I’m referring to technologies such as vast disk-arrays that eat up moderately less power than a competing product while spinning away idly in the background. There is nothing Green about this – it is just a matter of being slightly less inefficient. Organisations mandated to be green will see through this spin, and instead hone in on genuinely Green technologies.

From Spectra Logic’s point of view, we like to think we can talk trees or £’s to customers – however you look at it we’ll save you both.  When we started designing the TFinity did we set out to make the Greenest storage product on the market? No. But by creating the most efficient, scalable and dense tape library on the market we created an extremely green product by default.

So it is perhaps apt that commentators are referring to the green shoots of recovery – economic growth, after a period of such severe contraction, may well lead to a shot in the arm for Green IT. For our part, you won’t notice any difference in how we position our products – if you are a business that needs to Green your approach to IT – be it for legal or less self-serving reasons – then tape is the obvious choice for backup and archive.