Channel Bling: a Year in Review

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Spectra just closed out our best fiscal year in the company’s history and launched into Fiscal Year 2011 in July! We owe this in large part to our channel partners, an ever growing set of storage integrators dedicated to the Spectra brand. And of course to the channel marketing team, a team that continues to impress with their dedication and creativity in working with our partners. Obviously I’m not afraid to brag, so here goes. In the past year the channel marketing team added well over a dozen new programs, we won a 5-Star Partner Program award from Everything Channel, and were recognized across the board in marketing and technical leadership awards.

Kicking off our new fiscal year is the time we reflect on everything we’ve done the past year and begin formalizing our plans for the next year. And it’s the time of year that we present this to our worldwide sales force. Here’s what we told them about the SpectraEDGE channel partner program… we added new incentive programs, a new partner ramping process, invested in more marketing events, and created a focus on some of our top players. This year we plan to expand the number of partners we invest in, update our online training program, and launch a competitive take-out program among many other things.

So what got the most interest in our presentation to the sales team? Our first ever Channel Champion award! This went to the sales rep that had the highest quality partner activity and revenue in his territory. The winner was our Chicago based sales rep, Tony Ameri. And upon receiving the bling – a big, gold, heavyweight belt – you can bet he held it above his head and pranced around the room daring everyone to try to win it from him next quarter. Maybe he didn’t prance, but he certainly strutted. 

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