More Storage Space, Please

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I am amazed at how easy it is for people to consume all of their available storage space—and how quickly we can do it.  Just looking at my own storage situation, it is remarkable how much “stuff” I have to store; a snow blower, coolers, lots of car parts, bike parts, camping gear and who knows what else.   My old storage shed was recently hit by a tree, so I had to replace it this month.  I purchased the biggest one allowed by city zoning regulations, and already…. I realize I should have gone bigger. 

Storing data can be pretty similar.  No matter how much space you have, the data manages to grow to fill it.  Sometimes, the data starts to outgrow the new system before it is even installed.  The growth can seem exponential when you are managing data backup and archive processes, where 1 TB of primary data can grow to 20 TB of backup data, thus, the value of Deduplication.   Why do we have all of this data to begin with, and what we should do with it long term?, This might be the topic for a future blog post, but today, let’s focus on knowing we need space to store it and how to address that need with disk. Data center space constraints and a focus on cost savings cause storage admins to seek efficient, high density backup and archive disk solutions.  Spectra Logic’s new higher capacity nTier 700 disk appliance delivers on these requirements. 
Most disk arrays have some ability to grow and expand, but at the hidden cost of more rack space.  The Spectra nTier 700 can grow to 60 disks in a single 4U enclosure.  With Spectra Logic’s recent announcement of 2 TB drives in the nTier700, that totals  120 TB of capacity and 16GB of memory in a 4U chassis- for as low as $1.00 per GB. 
If you are up against a physical size and/or budgetary limitations in your data center— like I am in my back yard—Spectra Logic can help you scale to fit your needs.