Data Management and the Runaway Horse

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I’ve recently returned from the 2010 Storage Visions Conference in Las Vegas and wanted to share a few observations. The highlight of my week in Vegas was the honor of accepting a product of the year award for our TFinity product for Media & Entertainment (M&E) Storage. This is Spectra Logic’s enterprise tape library that stores up to 45PB in a single tape library, and is uniquely suited to broadcast customers with large archive and storage requirements due to high availability, ease of use and scalability. This award marks the first honor for our newest tape library.

At the show, I participated in a panel discussion about tape with other industry leaders in the broadcast space moderated by Clyde Smith of Turner Broadcasting System. We examined the state of storage as it relates to the media and entertainment market. A couple of interesting areas we explored were the role of SSDs in storage and how it improves system performance. We also looked at the future of tape and discussed how vendors today are integrating more intelligence in tape-based solutions. Recent advancements and innovations have improved the quality of tape-based solutions, and I can say with confidence that the quality of tape now matches the quality of disk. With the massive growth of digital content, the most sensible solution is to implement a tiered storage solution that employs a combination of disk and tape to best meet the performance, cost and long-term retention needs for the M&E market.
You can access the various presentations from Storage Visions here.
In the old western movies, viewers often catch a scene where the cowboy’s horse races away when spooked, and the cowboy must lasso his steed back in. I liken this image to a storage administrator faced with managing growing data sets while simultaneously trying to protect and manage his or her budget. Good news, folks: tape can solve the issues both fronts.
Stay tuned for upcoming news around media & entertainment and make sure to catch Spectra Logic at NAB in booth number N6216 this spring.