On the eleventh day…

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The end is almost here.  We are so close that it once I finish writing this, I am on the road to New Mexico! There aren’t too many rivers or a lot of woods, but I will go over the mountains and through the pass to my parent’s house. 
The winter storm will make the 500 mile drive all the more fun, but I have done it many times before.
I doubt I am the only one that is taking the same Christmas trip they have taken before this week. We do a lot of things over and over again: 
Workout (once the New Year hits)
pay bills
do laundry
and run backups. 
Deduplication reduces the cost and space of doing multiple backups. It is having a big (or small depending on how you look at it) impact for data protection.  Being able to store 10, 20 or even more backups in the space of a one on disk is hard to ignore.  I wish I could dedupe other things, like the 500 miles I am about to drive.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

11 to 1 Deduplication
10 Tapes in a TeraPack
9 Site Replications
8 Spectra Archive Files
7 /24 Support
6 T680’s
5 Tapes without Pain!
4 Global Spare Drives,
3 Encryption Keys,
2 Spectra Certified Tapes,
and a large frosty beer.