On the ninth day

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The big day is getting closer, and I am really busy.  I even multitask lunch, doing a little gift shopping around noon.  It is amazing how many other people had the same idea.  Today I went out and got my parents an external hard drive.  (If you know my parents, please don’t tell them.)  Like everyone else, digital pictures and other media are becoming important to them, and I want to make sure they have a backup they can take out of the house.  (In this case to some one else’s home)  While it might not be the most fun gift, it should be very practical, and if their 5 year old computer crashes, they will be able to get the important stuff back.  (you can guess what I will be setting up over the weekend).


We all know how important it is to protect our data, both at home and at work.  Of course a USB hard drive won’t do it at work, there is too much data, we want multiple copies and it isn’t very automated.  That is why so many of the conversations we have these days with customers about deduplication include replication.  Quickly getting remote site backups back to a central location automatically is a great stress reliever.  Your company may not need to protect pictures of my nephews, but your data may be almost as important. 


nTier Deduplication supports multi-site replication doing the hard work of getting the data off site for you.  Now you can spend more time looking for the perfect gift.  (I like car parts my self.)


On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me;


9 Site replication

8 Spectra Archive Files

7 /24 Support

6 T680’s

5 Tapes without Pain!

4 Global Spare Drives,

3 Encryption Keys,

2 Spectra Certified Tapes,

and a large frosty beer.