On the seventh day….

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Day seven brings us closer to the big day.  I can feel the excitement build.  And build is the right word, because in addition to roasting chestnuts, eating cookies and singing carols, we have the presents to deal with. I am sure you are in better shape than I am, and already have everything bought.  How many toys did you get with the dreaded "some assembly required?"  Wouldn’t it be great if there was 7/24 support to assemble these little nuggets of fun and excitement?  (Here’s a tip, many toy companies have opened support centers for just such an emergency.  Though I doubt the are open on Christmas Eve.)  This car looks especially fun!

Fortunately, if you are giving the give of Spectra this holiday season, we have you covered.  Help is always just a phone call away, even on Christmas Eve.  In fact, often times you won’t even have to call, as our call home feature will do it for you!  If only that Transformer toy could do that.

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

7 / 24 Support

6 T680’s 

5 Tapes without Pain! 

4 Global Spare Drives,

3 Encryption Keys,

2 Spectra Certified Tapes,

and a large frosty beer.